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Why is My Pet Dog Stalking Me?

A dog trailing its human is not an unusual sight. Many dogs, especially young puppies, follow their human parents for reasons best known to them. However, with careful observation, puppy owners may be able to quickly figure out what’s on their little fur baby’s mind.

While the whole thing looks amusing, doggo might be tailing you to tell you something important. So, it is best you stop for a moment, ask them kindly as to what’s the matter, observe where they look or gesture in some other way, give them some head rubs and praises, and then satisfy their needs before moving on to your daily chores.

Listening to them can be the only way to get a puppy to stop following you. However, if you notice your doggy is trying to get your attention due to potential health concerns, then meet your vet to learn about your puppy pal’s medical condition.

You may not need to worry much about the finances involved in testing and treating your puppy if you have already purchased a pet insurance policy. Dog insurance comes in different levels of cover and can help support your furry baby with quality medical care during accidents, allergies, injuries, health emergencies, and more.

You can always consider switching to a different pet insurer if they provide better coverage at affordable costs. In the meantime, read this article to understand a few common reasons for a doggo following its human parents.

Dogs often curl up beside their owners as that can be their comfort spot. Want to work? Puppy will choose to stay below your desk. Want to go to the bathroom? Still, the puppy will be in your face. So, let’s face it, puppies stalking their owners is a very normal thing.

Reasons for a puppy stalking its owners

  1. Dogs are curious creatures; anything new can attract their attention. For example, new sights, sounds, smells, etc., can instantly grab their eyeballs, ears, and nose.
  2. A puppy will want to know what their owners are up to when they move from one location to another, e.g. to visit the garden, room, backyard, and every other place. Your pup will most likely anticipate a new adventure at each move.
  3. Maybe something is not wrong with your dog, and all that they are asking for is some bonding time with you. Ask yourself some questions like: Have I been busy with work of late? Has it been a while since I have taken my pup out? When was the last time we traveled together? Perhaps now you know why the furry baby doesn’t want to part ways with you.
  4. Also, major life changes like moving to a new city from the countryside or a country with a different culture altogether can stress out your furry pet. Reassure doggo that everything will be alright, so they calm down and gradually get used to the foreign environment. Invest much love and time in your puppy to avoid disputes.
  5. Another strong reason could be that the puppy may be silently suffering from an illness or indescribable pain. It can be why they are following you, to let you know they need help. In cases like that, a puppy can show signs like pawing/biting/chewing at specific places, refusing to eat/drink, staying curled up in a corner/remote place, etc.

If your doggo is asking more attention from you than what is normally needed, it is time for a vet visit. Dog insurance can help your pet with medical care during non-routine vet visits such as for diagnostic tests, necessary treatments, medications, and more. Pet insurance allows you to provide your furry baby with basic health needs at affordable costs. You can also consider exploring more comprehensive pet health insurance policies for better coverage that costs a little more than other pet plans.


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