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Cable TV – Reasons Why It Is Still Worth It?

Since the emergence of Netflix and other streaming services, it seems like fewer and fewer people are using cable TV to view movies, TV shows, news, or sports. However, despite the growing use of other entertainment options, cable TV still remains somewhat popular among users. A number of families still prefer subscribing to cable services instead of streaming content online.

Many households with individuals over the age of 40-50 prefer subscribing to cable TV services, like Spectrum Cable Service, as people belonging to this age group are not comfortable with viewing content online. They are inclined towards using more conventional cable connections to fulfill their entertainment needs.

There are multiple service providers out there offering cable TV services alongside their internet and phone services. You can bundle these services together to save up on any additional subscription cost and installation cost. This shows that cable TV is still very much relevant today. If you are planning on cutting the cord, you may need to take into account the below-mentioned advantages of cable TV so you can make an informed decision about your needs.

 Customizable Services

You can customize cable TV services as per your entertainment needs. Most cable TV service providers offer some basic channels at a relatively low price and as you add more channels to the package, you are charged a nominal rate. Consequently, you can get rid of channels you know you won’t watch and customize your viewing experience. Ask your cable TV service provider what channels they offer or view the list of channels on their website.

 Wide Range of Content

Cable TV offers a wide variety of content. When it comes to streaming service, you get a selected range of content on each streaming platform, and you may end up subscribing to different streaming platforms to view the content you want to watch. The added cost and the hassle of organizing all these subscriptions can be tedious.

A cable TV service gives you access to both international and local TV networks, increasing the channel options available to you quite significantly. Besides that, cable TV lets you view live sports and news channels, something that a streaming platform won’t offer you.


Decreased Reliance on the Internet

When using a streaming platform to view your favorite movie or TV show, you would need to have a reliable internet connection in place. This can become problematic if there is an internet outage due to provider issues or harsh weather. Besides that, peak internet hours which lead to slow internet speeds can also make it difficult for you to use a streaming platform. Plus, if you live in a rural area, the internet connection there can be slow as well—resulting in excessive buffering and lags.

 Live Sports

A streaming platform is good but you won’t find the Olympics or the Super Bowl there. If you are a sports lover, you would need cable TV services to watch your favorite sports. You can choose to watch the game or highlights later, but that takes all the fun out of it. The excitement of watching live sports is different. And that’s something you could get with cable TV subscription.

Wrapping Up

Cable TV services offer stability as there are no disruptions or slowdowns that would happen if you are using the internet and a streaming platform. The cable TV sets its own dedicated connection, so there is little to no disruption.

Cable TV services are easy to use even for the ones who are technologically challenged, making them best for older people in particular. In conclusion, even in this internet era, cable TV has a lot to offer, so before you cut the cord, make sure you weigh all the benefits to make an informed decision.

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