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Is It Necessary To Match Bedroom Curtains With Bedding?

Turning your bedroom into a safe and comfy sanctuary requires much more than just putting on a plush carpet and a cozy duvet. You must put your attention towards choosing the correct color combinations as well. A rather easy and foolproof way to make sure that your bedroom looks top-notch is to coordinate the bedroom window curtains along with your bedding. Why is it necessary to match your bedroom curtains with the bedding?

The answer is simple, they are the first things that you see before turning in for a great night’s rest, and several studies have proven that having the correct colors in your bedroom that work in harmony with one another has a powerful impact on your sleep. So gear yourself up, since in this article we will be sharing with you all the facts and tips as to why and how you must match your bedroom curtains with your bedding!

1.Pick Up Your Colors Carefully –

Coordinating the different colors from a color wheel means a lot more than just picking up random identical swatches. In order to properly coordinate different colors, you need to source their complementary shades as well.  Keep reading to find out how you can make your bedroom a lot more interesting by using a little bit of matching along with some contrast.

2.How Are You Supposed to Match Different Tones –

If you are trying out the game of coordinating different fabrics, try to play it safe and pick up a matching color palette. For instance, if you are going for a neutral shade for yourduvet cover, you should try to pair it with some tan curtains. You can also try out white, cream, or beige tones to go along with your muted bedding.

An additional tip is that you can try to look at the color of your bedroom wall to gather some inspiration. For instance, if you have white bedroom walls, then a pair of elegant silver curtains and bedspread is going to give your bedroom a different glow. You do not need to be very matchy-matchy, since having the same color on your curtains, bedspread as well as the wall and turn out to be quite dull and uninspiring. Rather try to opt for identical tones, such as if you have a vermilion wall, try to pair your grey bed sheet with a dark and moody curtain.

3.Do Not Be Afraid To Pick Up Different Patterns –

If you want your room to be funky, then you must not limit your interior design choices to solid and block colors. You need to experiment with the many different patterns and prints that are available in the market. For instance, if you are going for a dusky yellow undertone with floral prints for yourbedroom curtain, try to pair it with a pastel shade or sunshine yellow bedding.


Your bedroom is the most important part of your house, and it is important to keep it perfect. We hope this article helped you out!

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