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A complete guide to CM trading demo account

If you are a beginner and don’t know anything about the CM trading demo account, then there is good news because the CM demo account offers a free demo account. If you want to learn about trading and don’t want risk, you can use a demo account.

 To open an account, you need an email and select your currency. However, for verification, your ID and proof of residency are compulsory.

How to set up a Demo Account – Step by Step

If you want to set a demo account, then it is an easy process. Just follow the following steps.

  • Go to the CM trading demo account website.
  • They will ask for your details such as name, password, email, etc
  • Then you need to accept terms and conditions.
  • Press “start trading” to make a demo account.

Solving troubleshooting issues

If there are any troubleshoot issues, then just follow steps to solve the troubleshooting issue

  • Go to the CM trading demo account website. The link is linked in this article. After you open the link, a new tab will open to continue the steps and website hand by hand.
  • On the website, log in to the page and provide your ID and password.
  • A” successfully logged in” message will appear. It means you have successfully logged in to the website. But if you have a problem while logging, then follow the below steps.

o A troubleshooting issue may occur if you don’t have a good internet connection, so check your internet connection

o Make sure that you have entered the correct password

  1. Make sure to turn off your Caps Lock.

o If the above steps don’t work the clear your cache and cookies. 

o, Make sure you have turned off the Virtual Private network. Because it may limit your access in some countries.

o If you still can’t resolve the problem, click on forget the password to access your CM trading demo account.

Logging from Mobile Apps:

If you use a mobile app to log into your CM trading demo account, follow these steps.

Open the mobile app

Enter your ID and Password

Click on login

Now you have successfully logged in to your mobile app.

Demo Account Features

You can open a CM trading demo account in no time. It doesn’t need any special skills. Your verification message will receive in 24 hours. Now you can use a CM demo account.

The features of the CM trading demo account are as follow:

  • Market Reviews
  • CMTrading Ebook
  • Webinars Access
  • Spreads: Regular
  • VOD: Introduction



You can use CM demo account for all account type

You can open an Islamic demo account

If you want a live account, then just $250 is needed.


If you want to trade, then you need a few instruments.


Is there any difference between demo and live CM trading account?

The live account uses actual currency instead of virtual funds. An expert is needed to operate a Live account.

The demo account uses virtual funds instead of actual funds. It is risk-free as it is used for the experiment.

Is there any access to the CM trading demo account?

Yes, the CM trading demo account is available for free.

How many types of accounts live CM trade offers?

  • Bronze Account
  • Silver Account
  • Gold Account
  • Premium Account


CM trading demo is so easy and requires no expertise. However, if you are a newbie, then you can use this guideline. 

A demo account is a type of test or an experience. After the demo account, you can determine that you can handle a trading account or not.

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