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Java vs Python: Differences between Java and Python

In today’s world of developing trends and technologies, choosing the right programming language has become essential to shine. Every programming language differs in platform dependency, portability, syntax, and have their own pros and cons. Nowadays, we can say that Java and Python are the most competing programming languages used by all.  These languages also have their own benefits and drawbacks. In this blog, we will talk about Java vs Python and the key differences between them.


Java- An overview

Java is an object-oriented and high-level programming language developed in the year 1995 by James Gosling. It is a platform-independent language and a WORA (Write Once and Run Anywhere) language. It is a network-centric language and one of the most used programming languages ever.


It is because of Java, web pages get a transformation from pages that contain only simple texts to attractive pages with images, videos, and animation. Programming is made easy by Java since it has so many libraries and packages to use.


Why should I use Java?

As already mentioned, every programming language has its own benefits and drawbacks. Here are some of the key benefits you can receive from the Java programming language.


  • Navigation of libraries is easy in Java


  • Java has detailed documentation that we can use for reference


  • Java provides an excellent performance


  • With Java, we can create standard programs and can reuse codes


  • Java codes can run anywhere because of the JVM (Java Virtual Machine)


  • Multithreading in Java allows you to perform multiple tasks at once


  • Java contains huge third party libraries to use


  • Skilled developers of Java are higher in number nowadays.


Java is the best for web development and well suited for programmers at the senior level. It has its significance in machine learning and is used in API interactions.


Python- An overview

Python is a high-level, interpreted, and general-purpose programming language developed in 1991 by Guido van Rossum. It is also an object-oriented language and provides huge library support for program implementation. Python’s main focus is to provide coder readability and makes the code more clear and logical.


Python has become more popular than Java now and provides libraries for almost everything. It makes programming simpler. People who are in data science roles, who use machine learning techniques, who need great data visualization can be most benefited by Python.


Why should I use Python?

Python has become more famous nowadays because it is easy to use and read.  It communicates more clearly compared to the other languages. Apart from the code readability and simpler syntaxes, there are a lot more benefits of using Python.


  • Python provides huge libraries and tools for the development


  • It is a cross-compatible language


  • Python has its significance in the field of Machine learning, data analysis, deep learning, artificial intelligence, data visualization, etc.


  • Python is very easy to write and fix bugs.


  • It is a portable language and platform-independent


  • Development in Python is easy because of the prebuilt libraries in it


  • Python deals with garbage collection and memory address internally and makes the development easier


  • You can always test your code before implementing it on the interactive shell in Python


  • Python language supports functional and imperative programming


  • It is very famous for its usage in the field of IoT.


Python always offers ideal support and a great readable structure for large and complex programs. It provides high-level and dynamic data types and supports dynamic checking.


Java vs Python: Differences between them


No. Java Python
1. It is a compiled language It is an interpreted language
2. It is a statically typed programming language It is dynamically typed programming language
3. String functions are limited in Java String functions are numerously available in Python
4. In Java, learning is not so easy and it is complex Python is easy to learn and simple to use
5. In Java, curly braces are used for block separation In Python, indentation is used for separating blocks of code
6. Java programs are slower compared to the Python programs Python programs are faster
7. Java is more portable and can run on any computer or mobile phone Python is less portable and needs an interpreter to translate the code.
8. File handling takes numerous lines of code File handling is easier and takes about only 2 lines to read a file
9. Java is best for developing desktop GUI apps, web apps, embedded system,s and more It is used for developing machine learning apps and is suitable for numeric and scientific computing
10. Java offers a stable database connection  and JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) is the most used connectivity Python doesn’t provide a stable connection
11. Java has many frameworks including Hibernate, Spring, and more It has fewer number frameworks and the famous ones are Flask and Django
12. Machine learning libraries of Java are Pytorch and Tensorflow Machine learning libraries of Python are Mallet, MOA, Weka, and Deeplearning4j
13. The best features of Java include


●     It is widely used

●     Provides great tooling

●     Greater documentation

●     Provides huge libraries

Some of the best features of Python include


●     Easy to read

●     Easier development

●     Faster coding

14. In Java, the available game development tool is the JMonkeyEngine In Java, the available game development tool is Cocos.Panda3d
15. Some of the popular companies using Java include Netflix, Spotify, Airbnb, and Instagram. Some of the popular companies using Python language include Dropbox, Uber, and Google.



Both the programming languages Java and Python are suitable for successful development and provides a greater community. Always aim to learn both the programming languages. However, if you are new to programming and a beginner at coding, starting with Python will be easy to learn. Learning Python and then moving to Java will be a better choice to start your journey in programming.


Python is simple and readable while Java is stable and quick. Choosing the right language depends on your project requirements and nature. Choose the right programming language by keeping in mind the key differences of both languages. Don’t be confused in picking up the one from Java vs Python, as they both are suitable for effective development.

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