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Hike to Lake Prashar lake

photoblog Walking always sounds like a good idea, but for various reasons, I did not get a chance to participate. So good luck took care of me. I visited two of my travel enthusiast friends and they decided to join me without hesitation. We talked, we argued, we debated and finally decided to hike to Lake Prasha (which is certainly a good option). We booked a package through (recommended by a friend of a friend), which included bus service to and from Delhi and Mandi, trekking and overnight camping at Prasha Lake.

We left Delhi on Friday night. The bus from Delhi took us to Prashar, a small place near Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. After arriving in Panacea the next morning, our host accompanied us to the hotel to freshen up for the trek.

 A few hours later

we reached Prashar lake and started the walk. There are two routes to get to Prashar Lake trek, one is through Baggi village and the other is from Jwalapur village. Compared to the Jwalapur route, trekking through Biaggi village is a bit difficult. On the first hike, we chose the relatively easy route. We were taken by car to Jwalapur village, where our journey started. Hiking for 11 kilometers, 9 kilometers of which pass through picturesque mountains, forests and small springs, and the remaining 2 kilometers through flat land to reach our base camp at Lake Prashar.

It is easier to start on foot. We walked quietly on a flat but crooked road. The path is beautiful, and the breeze makes the walk pleasant. When we started to cross the mountains, hiking started to become relatively difficult.

The hike gets harder and harder, but the more beautiful it gets. On our way, there are small springs and rocky paths ahead.

 Sometimes we have to go through dense forests, but the roads are flat.

The hard walk is finally over, we are about 2 kilometers from our destination. When we crossed the mountains, the road smoothed out.

is finally here! We arrive at Prashar Lake, where there is a floating island and a temple dedicated to the holy Parashar. Camping is not allowed inside the lake, so our camp is just outside the edge of the temple.

 The next morning, we strolled leisurely around Prasha Lake and Prasha ancient temple.

I don’t like hiking very much, but I am willing to go there at least once a year. This time I again chose to volunteer for “Tails and Trails”. This is based on the idea of ​​”Why not hike and camp with them” your dog? “This is their third edition. This time they chose Prasha Lake hike. In addition, I am very happy to see the fascinating views of Dhauladhar, Pir Panjal and Kinnaur Mountains. There is an added bonus for architecture lovers, that is visiting the local Prashar Rishi temple built by the lake. It blends perfectly with the background with its charming Himachalistic design.

 I really want to meet all the dogs we are going to hike. This time it is five o’clock.

All these dogs have undergone pre-physical examinations. They follow a personalized diet plan based on their general eating habits and allergies (if any). In addition, they have also exercised so that they can stay healthy and can fully enjoy the unique experience during the hike.

We left Delhi at night for Mandi. The dog was unleashed in the bus. After being angry and barking at each other for a while, they settled peacefully with their parents. Your comfort is very important to us. Considering that the dog needs to urinate, it is obvious that during our road trip, we will take a short break.

arrived in Mandi in the morning. After a light breakfast, we set off to Baggie, which is about 30 kilometers away. Departing from Baji, began the actual trekking to Prasha Lake. The lake is nearly 7.5 kilometers away. With five cute puppies, we began to walk in the charming paths surrounded by trees, mountains, plants, birds, streams and fresh air. The hike starts from a steep hillside and passes through open terrain. We were able to see azaleas there, and noticed that the trails gradually rose over a period of time.

I started humming my favorite song “If I can, I will” to distract me. But it turned out to be useless. I find that even that requires a lot of effort because the terrain is uneven and steep. I’m exhausted. My ears hurt (probably because of the high altitude) and my legs are tired. Throwing all these thoughts into the valley, I continued to sing slowly, taking small steps.

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