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Top Back-links Analytics Tools That You Can Use

Backlinks analytics tools analyse the quality of all the backlinks and their sources. It has paramount importance in search engine optimization (SEO). Backlinks analytics tools provide the insight to improve the rank in search results. These tools provide you with an opportunity to evaluate your position against your competitor. Most importantly, these analytic tools assist you in preventing attacks of negative SEO backlinks. These tools let you deeply analyse the backlinks so that you can remove toxic links. Backlinks analytics tools help you in making a good reputation with a search engine. Consequently, search engine improves the ranking of your website.Here are some of the top backlinks analytics tools that you can use to get a strong back links profile:

Top Backlinks Analytics Tools:


The backlinks profile is the most important ingredient in terms of showing up on page one of the search engine result page (SERP). Therefore, it is very important to have a clear idea of your profile at all times. Hence, Ubersuggest is the best option to keep the track of all links. It is efficient and accurate which saves your precious time.The top section of the search of your site provides you with four different information including domain score, the overall number of backlinks, number of referencing domains and organic monthly traffic.


First, the domain analyses the strength of your website. The domain score ranges from 1 to 100.Second, backlinks provide you with an overall number of backlinks to your website. It also provides you with a count of no-follow backlinks. Third, referencing domains provides you with a total number of domains as well as the total number of .gov and .edu domains linking to your website. Fourth, organic monthly traffic provides you analytics of backlinks growth.


An effective content marketing strategy is also a vital part of improving website ranking. SEMrush allows you to make an effective content marketing strategy. It provides you with link audits that can help in boosting the business.It also helps you in finding other businesses that can refer your content.This tool of backlinks analysis generates a report to give you an idea of strategies followed by others in the market.Furthermore, it also categorizes the types of backlinks available to your website. It also tracks the geolocation of backlinks to give a thorough insight. You can check the domain authority with the help of SEMrush.In short, it is highly effective in outlining the strategy to be on the top SERP.


It is one of the most popular back backlinks analytics toolsin the profession of online marketing. It tracks the backlinks to your website. It generated the report on keywords. While it can also help you in having an insight intocompetitor’s strategies in the market.It is efficient and user-friendly. You can trust the accuracy of this tool by closing your eyes.It has a free version which allows you to have a 14-day free trial. You can easily go in-depth to understand the functionality of this backlink analytic tool. It produces the report of a total number of backlinks to your website along with their quality.


It comes up with several backlinks analytics tools which can boost your business. One of its crucial tools is the backlink analysis tool. It allows you to create an alert system about your website and other websites.The alert system delivers the notifications and reports directlyto your inbox. It saves your time.It tells you the total number of referring domains and links. Furthermore, it also scales the page influence and domain influence.In addition, it draws the comparison between NoFollow and  DoFollow to have a holistic review of the backlinks to your website.


According to a dissertation help firm, the functionality of the tool is quite clear from the of its key features is to have integration with data from 24 backlinks. thus, it plays a vital role in checking backlinks. It offers to have a thorough backlink profile view. It offers customization of filters and metrics to meet the requirement of your research.It provides the audit of your profile to give you a clear idea that where does your website stand.It also removes the Google penalty along with a deep analysis of your backlinks.


It provides you with the complete backlink data in a single place. You can track the backlink of your competitors to have an idea of their strategies. Furthermore, it sorts out pages that are getting a maximum number of backlinks.


It is one of the most efficient and effective backlinks analytics tools available in the market. It is developed by Growth Marketing Pro. It offers you to check the domain authority of any website in the Google SERPs.It also maintains and tracks the record of your competitors; backlinks. In addition, it tracks the domain authority of your competitor’s websites. You can check the backlink data of your domain.


It breaks down the list of your backlinks into different categories. You can find out pages in the full swing and pages with the high risk of penalty. Its feature SpyGlass gives you free evaluation websites. It provides the history of your backlinks. It also generates a comprehensive report of your backlink profile containing referring domain, the ratio of no-follows and de-follows, and a list of backlinks.


Kerboo’s monitoring tool is a key feature that stands it out from the rest.It offers you to create a list of substantially important backlinks to your website. It helps you out to have an automated check on these important backlinks. It notifies you when a link is down on or no-followed for consecutive three days.Furthermore, it helps you in the elimination of bad or toxic links. It ensures that eliminated links do reappear on your website.

Majestic SEO:

Majestic SEO backlinks analytic tool is playing a crucial role in online marketing. It offers you to create a strong backlink profile.You can enter your URL into the search box and Majestic SEO will generate a comprehensive report of the backlink profile. This report entails 4 key elements. First, the Total number of external backlinks to your website.Second, the total number of the referring domains to your website.Third, the overall number of referring IPs to your website.Fourth, the total count of referring subnets to your website. On the other hand, it also generates the backlink history chart. It helps you out in understanding the backlink profile of your website.

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